Rosie Swim Wired bra with rose and straps sakura pink

Preorder until 03.08.2023 and shipping after 16.08.2023. 

Introducing the Rosie Swim Bra from Movelle, the ultimate expression of our dedication to celebrating individuality and self-love. Rosie is crafted from Italian patented ECONYL stretch fabric, it's resilient and eco-friendly, standing up to oils, salty water, and chlorine, all while helping to clean up our oceans.

The Rosie Swim Bra is all about versatility and comfort, featuring a detachable rose accessory and adaptable straps that let you customize your look. Its design is inspired by our bestselling Leia bra, promising the same level of support and comfort to women of all ages.

The Rosie Swim Bra is more than a garment—it's a celebration of your uniqueness and an invitation to love yourself, just as you are and have lots of fun on the beach. Preorder the Rosie Swim Bra today, redefine your beach style, and make every moment an exquisite one.

Please use our movelle Fit Finder to have the best fit and size recommendation and select the adequate size from the list below (or if you are already our customer please select the size you wear in Leia bra):

Size 1 - 65D, 70C, 75B

Size 2 - 65E, 70D, 75C, 80B

Size 3 - 65F, 70E, 75D, 80C

Size 4 - 65G, 70F, 75E, 80D, 85C, 90B

Size 5 - 65H, 70G, 75F, 80E, 85D, 90C

Size 6 - 65I, 70H, 75G, 80F, 85E, 90D

Size 7 - 65J, 70I, 75H, 80G, 85F, 90E

Size 8 - 65K, 70J, 75I, 80H, 85G, 90F

Size 9 - 65L, 70K, 75J, 80I, 85H, 90G

This collection is produced in EU.

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Luxurious Comfort in Your Size

At MOVELLE we reinvent the experience of luxury lingerie with a commitment to comfort, ethical production, and body positivity. Our mission is to revolutionize bra-fitting and inspire a movement of conscious consumers, proving that style, size, and sustainability can coexist. Our wide and continuously expanding size range is tailored to meet diverse needs, reflecting our dedication to inclusivity.

Sustainably Made

Our European-sourced, high-quality materials underscore our relentless pursuit of sustainability. We are proud to offer garments of superior craftsmanship from our small atelier in Poland, where we value and uphold the welfare of our skilled seamstresses. MOVELLE is not just lingerie - it's a commitment to quality, ethics, and body positivity.