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How to choose the perfect size?

One of the our top priorities at Movelle is to ensure that your new bra will have the perfect fit for your body. As sizes differ from one brand to another, we have prepared step-by-step instructions to help you find your ideal Movelle bra size:

  1. The band measurement: Place a measuring tape under the bust and follow all the way around your body, making sure to keep the tape at the same height and parallel with the floor. Don't be afraid to give your body a little squeeze, noting the number on a slight exhale. Match the resulting number with the table below. If you find yourself between sizes, we suggest rounding down to the next band size, e.g. if your under bust measurement is 77, your band will be 70. You can also use the following table to convert the band measurement to the correct size in French, British or American sizing:
  2. The cup size: This circumference will be measured slightly looser than the band. Place the tape measure on the widest point of the bust, so that it is exactly on the tops of the breasts at the front. Similarly to the circumference under the bust -- remember to hold the tape on the same level at the front and at the back. Note the number on a slight exhale.
  3. If you find your measurements to be between two sizes, we suggest choosing both a smaller band measurement, as well as a smaller cup size.

    For returning Movelle customers who already have a bra from us:

    -If you have Helena in your wardrobe and you would like to buy Leia, reduce the cup size by one.

    -If you have Leia and would like to have Helena (except Helena Leo), increase the cup size by one.

    EUR 65D / FR (+15, e.g. 65D = 80D) / GB 30D / US 30D (inch) band size conversion

    First fitting

    When your new bra arrives and it is time for the first try-on we would like to share the following tips to ensure the most comfortable fit:

    To provide support from the cups to the entire breast, gently cradle each breast with your hand and place it neatly in the cup using a soft motion beginning from under your armpit and moving towards the center. To select the correct strap length, simulate daily dynamic movements by waving your arms up and down, jumping several times in place, bending over, and letting your body carry you away in dance. Adjustment will be key to avoid straps which either cut into your body or fall from your shoulders.

    TePlease note that most bra models also allow you to connect the straps into a racerback option also to ensure maximum comfort at any time of the day or for any styling. Rings with hooks are sewn at the half way point of both shoulder straps for independent sectional length adjustment.

    Now check if your bra fits well:

    Band measurement:

    The band is perfectly matched when the circumference is tight, but still comfortable when fastened with the widest hook and eye.

    If the bra travels up and down even with the tightest hook and eye,or you can pull it a few centimeters away from your back -- it is too loose and will provide you too little support. In this case, we recommend replacing it with a smaller size.

    If your skin is pinched inward and there is pain or you cannot take deep breaths -- it is too small, which will be both uncomfortable and unhealthy. We suggest selecting a larger band size.

    Cup size:

    When the underwire lies flat against your breastbone, the fabric surrounds the breast along the sides and the top edge of the cup is sitting smooth against your skin, you have the perfect cup size.

    If the breasts spill out out of the top, side, or bottom of the cups or the underwire is not laying flat against the breastbone, the size of the cups is too small.

    Following the First Fitting, if you need to change the circumference or cup size +/- 1, you can choose a Sister Size to receive a comfortable fit. Sister sizing is a group of bra sizes that allow for an adjustment to either the band or the cup size, you will be able to go up a cup size and down a band size or vice versa.

    If the band is too loose or too tight, but the cup is perfect:

    To increase the band while keeping the cup volume, you will decrease the size of the cups; eg. 75E is too tight in the band but has perfects cups. 80D will be the correct size (band + 1, cups -1).

    To decrease the band while keeping the same cup volume, you will increase the size of the cups; eg. 75E is too loose in band but has perfect cups. 70F will be the correct size (band - 1, cups +1).

    If the cups are too big or too small, but the band is perfect:

    To increase the cup size while keeping the band circumference, you will decrease the size of the band; eg. 75E has too large of cups, but the band is perfect. 70F will be the correct size (band -1, cups +1).

    To decrease the cup size while keeping the band circumference, you will increase the size of the band; eg. 75E has too small of cups, but the perfect band. 80D will be the correct size (band +1, cups -1).



    If you have any doubts about sizing, you are always welcome to contact us by email at : We will be happy to help you find your unique Movelle fit.

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