MOVELLE gift card


Looking for the perfect gift to make someone feel truly special? Look no further than the MOVELLE gift card.

MOVELLE is renowned for its exquisite and exclusive lingerie collections, and now you can give the gift of choice to your loved ones with our stylish and versatile gift card.

How to purchase?

Choose the desired denomination.

Add a personalized message.

Enter the your or recipient's email address.

Complete the purchase.


Our gift card is only available in virtual form, in line with MOVELLE's commitment to the spirit of less waste.

You will receive an electronic version in PDF format at the email address provided.

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Luxurious Comfort in Your Size

At MOVELLE we reinvent the experience of luxury lingerie with a commitment to comfort, ethical production, and body positivity. Our mission is to revolutionize bra-fitting and inspire a movement of conscious consumers, proving that style, size, and sustainability can coexist. Our wide and continuously expanding size range is tailored to meet diverse needs, reflecting our dedication to inclusivity.

Sustainably Made

Our European-sourced, high-quality materials underscore our relentless pursuit of sustainability. We are proud to offer garments of superior craftsmanship from our small atelier in Poland, where we value and uphold the welfare of our skilled seamstresses. MOVELLE is not just lingerie - it's a commitment to quality, ethics, and body positivity.