Ruffled bras

ivory longline sheer mesh bra
red wine bra

The advanced design of women's underwear combines not only functionality, but also elegance and unique details that add charm and femininity. In this category, bras with frills have a special place, combining traditional elegance with a touch of sensual finesse. MOVELLE presents a collection of ruffled bras, designed for women who appreciate classic quality combined with modern touches. The frills, which subtly add volume and charm, make each model special and unique. They are not only an aesthetic addition, but also a symbol of feminine delicacy and grace. Using the experience and the highest quality materials that characterise our frill bras, we have created a collection where each model is soft, breathable and extremely comfortable, yet beautiful and sensual. The materials are sourced from reputable European suppliers, guaranteeing long-lasting durability and wearing comfort. The delicate details are carefully crafted, highlighting the high standard of production. At MOVELLE, we believe that ruffled bras are not only functional lingerie, but also an artistic combination of classic and modern. They are designed not only to support the bust perfectly, but also to emphasise each woman's individuality, adding to her self-confidence and unique style. We invite you to discover our collection of bras with frills. At MOVELLE, every woman will find something for herself, regardless of her unique size, body shape or age. Our frill bras are not only a unique design - they also promise unparalleled quality and comfort every day. Choose MOVELLE and feel special in every situation.