Red bras

red wine bra

Red bras have been adorning and caring for the breasts of women all over the world for many years. Tasteful, sexy and eye-catching - these bras are a kind of must have for every self-confident woman. Although in the beginning they were not exactly as we know them today, the patenting of the design in the 20th century influenced the styling of many modern ladies. Over the years, the way red bras are made has evolved. Although certain details, such as embroidery, are still done by hand, the main part of the process has become more automated. At MOVELLE, we focus on the sustainable production of our lingerie and our red bras are on a par with the quality of those from small manufactures. We are committed to ensuring that every piece is perfectly designed, well thought out and made from the highest quality materials. We only work with trusted suppliers from Europe, so our lingerie is not only attractive but also extremely comfortable. We offer a wide selection, including bras in larger sizes, perfectly tailored to your body shape, figure and breast shape. At MOVELLE, we believe that lingerie is more than just clothing - it is a manifesto of self-confidence and comfort, and red bras are a veritable icon of sex appeal and chic. In our shop, every woman will find something perfect for herself, not only in the shade of red, but also in other colours and patterns. In our shop you can use the size calculator and find your dream red bra that fits perfectly and guarantees full comfort. Welcome to MOVELLE - with us you will discover true freedom.