V-shaped thong

Discover the secret of perfection with MOVELLE. We present a V-shaped thong that enhances your unique silhouette and guarantees excellent support for your buttocks.
Every woman wants and deserves to feel special and comfortable, whatever the day and whatever the circumstances. For women who want lingerie that gives them confidence, the MOVELLE brand was born. We offer a V-string that is the essence of elegance and feminine sensuality. Using tulle from trusted European suppliers, our lingerie gently caresses curves while providing support and comfort throughout the day. Whatever the situation - daily routine, work or special moments - with MOVELLE you gain comfort combined with confidence.
MOVELLE is more than just lingerie. It is a compromise between romance, current trends and functionality. Quality is our priority, so we focus on combining beauty with safety, using only certified materials. Proudly made in the heart of Europe by highly skilled seamstresses, our V-shaped thongs meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.
When you choose MOVELLE, you are not only investing in luxury lingerie. You are also supporting our mission to make a positive difference in the world. From every transaction, we donate 1% of the value to a foundation that helps women believe in their power. Try it on and feel the difference. MOVELLE guarantees comfort and freshness all day long. Because MOVELLE underwear is not just a bikini - it is above all a feeling of true freedom.