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Half cup bra with decorative straps on the neckline

Bras have been serving women in Europe since the 19th century. Although they did not initially look much like today's bras, the patenting of the idea in the 20th century revolutionised women's wardrobes around the world. Over time, bra production has changed. While some elements are still done by hand, such as embroidery, the lion's share of production has been mechanised. At MOVELLE, we are committed to the sustainable production of our lingerie and our bras are no less beautiful than those made in small workshops. We make sure that every detail of the bra is carefully designed, carefully crafted and made from the highest quality materials. MOVELLE only works with trusted European suppliers, so our lingerie is exceptionally comfortable, beautiful and soft to the touch. In our shop you will also find plus size bras for ladies of all ages, body types and unique sizes. We believe that lingerie is not just a part of the wardrobe, but part of a revolution that only women can benefit from - women who deserve to feel fresh, confident and comfortable every day. There is something for every woman in our store - we offer white, black, red and patterned bras, as well as bras in mesh, ruffles, polka dots, tulle and satin. MOVELLE is not just lingerie - MOVELLE is freedom. Find out how good you feel in our women's bras.